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baby Sleeping


During delivery, the baby’s passage through the birth canal is quite an ordeal. Although babies' bones are malleable to make childbirth easier, they still are under a lot of pressure and constraints while continuously moving from the moment they develop in the womb. These elements can cause several conditions affecting the growth of the newborn. From the first month following the birth of a baby, it is recommended to consult an osteopath to prevent or relieve some discomforts.

Reasons for consultation

• Prevent deformities of the skull (plagiocephaly, etc.)

• Prevent congenital torticollis

• Prevent ENT (ears, nose and throat) infections

• Prevent respiratory problems

• Prevent conjunctivitis

• Relieve digestive discomfort (gastroesophageal reflux, constipation, stomachache, colic)

• Facilitate breastfeeding, latching

• Facilitate motor development (rolling, crawling and baby’s first steps)

• Improve sleep

• Improve body mobility (head, neck, back, pelvis, legs and arms)

• Reduce irritability or excessive crying

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