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Regain freedom of movement

Welcome to the website of Osteopathy Alexandrine Brisson-Larouche

I offer high-quality osteopathic care for the whole family, specializing in treating infants and pregnant women. My expertise lies at the intersection of osteopathy and kinesiology, two complementary disciplines that aim to restore mobility and freedom of movement to the body while preventing and alleviating discomforts.


Why choose my osteopathic care?

My interest in perinatal and pediatric care led me to pursue post-graduate training in the care of infants and pregnant women. This passion enables me to provide highly specialized care to little ones, contributing to their well-being and harmonious development. It is recommended to consult an osteopath as early as the first weeks following a baby's birth. This initial intervention can prevent or alleviate various discomforts, giving the best possible start in life.

“Alexandrine demonstrates attentiveness and precision in her tests and treatments. Very professional”

Élodie, April 2023

"Alexandrine is very patient with babies. My son saw her three times and I saw a big change. She greatly helped my son in his development."

Dominique, October 2023

“Good listening, you take your time to explore the true nature of the problem. Often it is not the treatment but the awareness of the problem that makes all the difference. Thank you.”

Estelle, December 2020
Mère et bébé sur le plancher

Prevention and improvement of quality of life

Consulting an osteopath during a child's development can reduce the risk of functional disabilities and medical support they might need throughout their life. By intervening early, we can work together to promote a healthy and balanced development, ensuring a higher quality of life for your child.

Feel free to schedule an appointment today to give your family the gift of health and well-being.

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