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Enfants heureux

Children like to jump, dance, skip, climb, and to accomplish all these activities, a good mobility of the structures of the human body is required. Some dysfunctions may appear harmlessly during the child’s development or following an incident such as a fall. Some minor dysfunctions, only in appearance, may be the cause of major dysfunctions in adulthood. If they are not addressed at an early age during childhood, a poor adaptation of the body could result in postural disabilities. Consulting an osteopath during a child’s development may reduce the incidence of functional disabilities and medical support a child will need throughout his life.

Reasons for consultation

  • Prevent spine curvatures (scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis)

  • Improve gait pattern (feet inward/outward, toe walking, hip dysplasia, etc.)

  • Help with learning disabilities and hyperactivity

  • Improve body's mobility (head, neck, back, pelvis, legs and arms, etc.)

  • Prevent and alleviate pain (head, neck, back, pelvis, legs and arms)

  • Alleviate muscular and joint discomfort

  • Prevent repercussions of a fall, a car accident or a surgery

  • Etc.

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